Saturday, August 04, 2012

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Red Seal Western, December 1939

This is another fairly obscure pulp, at least to me, but from the authors in this issue it must have been a decent magazine: J. Edward Leithead (I love the title "Buckskin Bombshell"), Barry Cord, Orlando Rigoni, and Claude Rister were all popular, prolific pulpsters. There are also short stories by a couple of authors I'm not familiar with, C. M. Miller and Frank Carl Young. That's a nice colorful cover, too, with a sense of looming menace.

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Walker Martin said...

RED SEAL WESTERN was one of the oddball titles that not many people collected. We are not even sure of how many issues there were. The reference books know it was published at least during 1935-1941 for over 30 issues but there may be more.