Monday, August 13, 2012

Devlin and Johnny Forever - Peter Brandvold

Peter Brandvold is best known for his Westerns under his own name and as Frank Leslie, but in DEVLIN AND JOHNNY FOREVER, his latest e-book short story from Mean Pete Press, he ventures not only into the current time but also into the horror genre. College student Devlin Mason has retreated to her family's cabin in the woods to get over her breakup with her abusive former boyfriend Johnny. Unfortunately, Johnny shows up looking for her, and since he's pretty much a psycho, things don't look too good for Devlin.

How things play out, though, is maybe not what the reader expects. There are a couple of quiet moments, but mostly this story is full-throttle action and generates a lot of suspense along the way. The cliché about a story not being for the faint of heart is certainly true here. I thoroughly enjoy Brandvold's Westerns, but if he wants to continue exploring horror or other genres, you can bet I'll be right there to see what he comes up with.