Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Frontier Stories, Winter 1949

Here's another Fiction House pulp with a pretty good cover and a fine line-up of authors. Les Savage Jr. was probably the star of Fiction House's Western pulps during this era, and you can't argue with a title like "Whip-Woman of the Santa Fe". I believe I've read this story in one of the Leisure paperback collections of Savage's pulp stories, and it's a good one. Emmett McDowell, who also has a story in this issue, wrote some pretty good hardboiled crime novels for the Ace Double line, as well as turning out science fiction yarns for PLANET STORIES. I'm not familiar with R.S. Lerch, but I love the title of his Saga of the Overland Trail in this issue, "Wagons of the Damned".

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Walker Martin said...

One of the interesting things about FRONTIER STORIES is the fact that it was a quality magazine when Doubleday began publishing the title during 1924-1929. It was a companion magazine to both SHORT STORIES and WEST. It even went bedsheet size for about a year in the late 1920's but I guess sales did not increase. Eventually Doubleday sold the title in 1929 and Fiction House took over as publisher.