Monday, August 13, 2012

New This Week

Only one new print book to mention this week (it's also available in a Kindle edition), but it should be a good one: THE BELLS OF EL DIABLO, the first book in a new Western series by Frank Leslie, also known as Peter Brandvold, also known these days as Mean Pete his own self, head honcho of Mean Pete Press.

Speaking of which, one of the new e-books I picked up this week is DEVLIN AND JOHNNY FOREVER, also by Mr. Brandvold. This Southern horror yarn may be his first published contemporary story. My review of it is coming up later today.

Another old friend has his first original e-book out. That's Stephen Mertz with THE CASTRO DIRECTIVE. I don't like to think about how long I've known Steve, but his top-notch thrillers have been entertaining me for decades and I'm sure this one will, too.

I didn't buy any used books this week, but my daughter Shayna put together some shelves for me, she and my other daughter Joanna sorted all the paperbacks that had been piled around in my office/studio, and now they're all where I can see them again, prompting me to say on numerous occasions, "I didn't know I had that book!" It was almost like buying them all over again. (Which I actually did in a few cases, as multiple copies of some titles showed up. I was a little surprised there weren't more like that.) At any rate, now I've started trying to organize all the hardbacks and trade paperbacks. Then there are all the graphic novels, and several thousand pulps . . . I have a feeling this is a job that will never end. Not that I'd really want it to . . .


Charles Gramlich said...

that's why I keep a record on my computer of all the books I own. And these days when I buy fewer at booksales and more on line, it's easier for me to check to make sure I don't already have a copy. Now FINDING the copies I have might be more difficult.

Walker Martin said...

I'm just back from PulpFest where I bought a couple hundred more books and magazines. I have completely run out of space on my bookshelves and wonder where on earth I can put these latest additions. I guess collecting books is one of the more postive addictions and my feeling is that you never can have too many.