Sunday, April 04, 2021

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Thrilling Detective, February 1951

I'm used to seeing Sam Cherry's covers on Western pulps, but he also did a lot of work in other genres, and on paperback covers, as well. Here's one on an issue of THRILLING DETECTIVE, and I like it a lot. Inside are stories by Stewart Sterling, Norman A. Daniels (writing as Wayland Rice), D.L. Champion, house-names John L. Benton and Robert Wallace (who might well be either Sterling or Daniels in this case), and little known authors B.J. Benson and Burt Sims.


Anonymous said...

If you own the following number of: The Blue Book Magazine [v81 #3, July 1945] you'll find infos about Burton (Burt) R. Sims.
ifc. · Who’s Who in This Issue · [The Editor] · cl [Francis Cockrell; Burt Sims; Harold Coffin; Eustace Cockrell; Henry Alonzo Myers; Charles W. Furlong; Fred Painton; Achmed Abdullah]; profiles & photos of Francis Cockrell; Burton R. Sims, Harold Coffin.

Happy Easter to you and your family.
Take Care,
Tiziano Agnelli

James Reasoner said...

Happy Easter to you as well, Tiziano. I don't think I have that issue of BLUE BOOK, but I'll check.