Sunday, April 18, 2021

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Short Stories, March 10, 1940

Nice, colorful cover by William F. Soare on this issue of SHORT STORIES, and a really fine group of writers inside: H. Bedford-Jones, William MacLeod Raine, Frederick C. Painton, Robert H. Leitfred, R.V. Gery, Captain Dingle, H.S.M. Kemp, and a couple I've not heard of, Patrick O'Keeffe and O.A. Robertson. That Bedford-Jones story is part one of a serial, and I like the title: "The Hour of the Eclipse". I don't recall that one being reprinted, at least not under that title. I'm intrigued.

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Joe said...

It does sound intriguing. I've recently read a Bedford-Jones yarn that was so descriptive of the oppressive heat in the desert that I began to feel the stress while reading. Really extraordinary writer.