Saturday, December 14, 2013

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Ranch Romances, May 1960

Rafael de Soto was still doing pulp covers as late as 1960, and RANCH ROMANCES was one of the few pulps still around by then. This looks like a fairly gritty issue, with stories by Joseph Chadwick, W.J. Reynolds, Leslie Ernenwein, and Joe Archibald. The Chadwick and Ernenwein stories are reprints from THRILLING RANCH STORIES and TEXAS RANGERS, respectively. I saw issues of RANCH ROMANCES on the stands now and then when I was a kid, although I never bought one, of course. My mistake.

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Shay said...

There are half a dozen "Ranch Romances" on the site, but unfortunately, not this one.

Some great covers, though.