Sunday, December 01, 2013

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Dime Detective, December 1935

Now there's an electrifying cover by Walter Baumhofer. (You didn't think I'd actually say it, did you? I admit, I'm hanging my head in shame right now.) But what a line-up of authors: Frederick Nebel, Cornell Woolrich, Hugh B. Cave, J. Allan Dunn, Fred MacIsaac, and O.B. Myers. This may not be just your average, everyday issue, but assemblages of great authors like that happened pretty frequently in the pulps.


Walker Martin said...

DIME DETECTIVE has long been one of my favorite pulp titles and it really started to print top quality crime fiction around this period. Editor Ken White especially, encouraged the authors to write bizarre, complicated plots starring series characters. His influence lasted until the late 1940's.

Jonathan G. Jensen said...

Hey James, Oddly enough my blog posting at The Adventure Continues is about Popular pubs and their influence on the buyer though its covers. I mean you just have to buy it, great cover. Jonathan