Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Now Available: Vendetta - Ed Gorman

Peter Madsen became a priest to atone for a life of violence and a wartime tragedy and thought he had put away his gun for good. But then a grief-stricken young woman who's like a daughter to him sets out on a quest of vengeance, and Madsen is forced to take up the gun again as he sets out to save her from herself.

What Madsen doesn't know is that he's about to walk into a dangerous web of tangled emotions—lust, greed, hatred, and more—that will culminate in a shocking crime and a deadly showdown on the dusty street of a frontier town.

This classic novel now available again from Rough Edges Press demonstrates once more why Ed Gorman is one of the most acclaimed Western authors of all time. His tough, spare narrative voice, his painfully human characters, and his sure grasp of storytelling make VENDETTA a compelling reading experience.

VENDETTA is also available for the Nook and on Smashwords.


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RJR said...

Nice package, James!

Unknown said...

I used to enjoy Ed Gorman's books for the Evans Novel of the West series many years ago. More recently, I bought three of his Sam McCain mysteries in their Hale, UK hardback editions. More enjoyment! Today, I've bought this Western and I'm much looking forward to reading it. Thank you, James/Rough Edges Press, for making it available. (A tip for Australian and New Zealand readers: even if you own a Kindle, go for the Smashwords version. Amazon will now charge you 59 US cents extra for living in this part of the world, while Smashwords will charge you just the same $US2.99 that they charge their US customers. And Smashwords' ".mobi" download can be read on your Kindle if you need that.)

Derek M. Koch said...

I bought this for my Kindle based on your post, and I'm REALLY enjoying the read! Thanks!