Monday, December 23, 2013

Monday Morning Digest Magazine: Edgar Wallace Mystery Magazine, August 1964 (Vol. 1, Number 1)

Is this the start of a new series here on the ol' blog? Well, maybe, maybe not. There are a lot of great digest covers we can look at. I was just thinking that I might start blogging a little less next year in an attempt to simplify my life, but then Keith Chapman, aka Chap O'Keefe, sends me a cover scan of the first issue of EDGAR WALLACE MYSTERY MAGAZINE, which came up in the comments on yesterday's post, and . . . well, there you go. It's a good cover, reminiscent of ones I've seen on MIKE SHAYNE MYSTERY MAGAZINE. Again, I don't recognize any of the authors' names except Edgar Wallace. Thanks for sending this along, Keith.


Anonymous said...

"Arthur Kent" and "Martin Thomas" are names I recognize as authors on various Sexton Blake digests I used to have. Thomas is a pseudonym of Thomas Martin.

Jeff M.

Unknown said...

Vern Hansen was Vic J. Hanson who also write crime novels as William Shand and was later a prolific writer of westerns for Hale's Black Horse Westerns.