Saturday, February 27, 2021

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Fifteen Western Tales, June 1947

We can add another category to the things we see on Western pulp covers: Injury to a Saddle. This is a really nice, dynamic cover on this issue of FIFTEEN WESTERN TALES. And as was common with the Popular Publications Western pulps, a strong group of authors with stories inside, as well. In this case, Peter Dawson (Jonathan Glidden), William Heuman, Walker A. Tompkins, William R. Cox (twice, once as himself and once as house-name David Crewe), Joe Archibald, Barry Cord (Peter Germano), T.C. McClary, the mysterious Frank Morris, Wallace Umphrey, James Shaffer, and house-name Lance Kermit. A very entertaining issue, I suspect.


Anonymous said...

In a couple of books about The Life and career of David Goodis talkin' about his pseudonyms the author says: Lance Kermit, David Crewe, Logan C. Claybourne and Ray P. Shotwell.
Tiziano Agnelli

James Reasoner said...

I knew that Goodis used the David Crewe name but had forgotten about the others. I suspect that all his stories under those names were air war stories, since he wrote so much in that genre and Kermit, Claybourne, and Shotwell all appeared in aviation pulps as well as Western, detective, and sports pulps. But Goodis could have written some in those genres, too, for all I know.