Sunday, February 21, 2021

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Real Mystery Magazine, April 1940

This is the first issue of a very short-lived Weird Menace pulp (there was only one more issue) debuting at a time when the Weird Menace boom was just about over. Most of the authors inside are house-names. The only ones who aren't are Ray Cummings (with a story as by Ray King), Bruno Fischer (with a story as by Russell Gray), and somebody named Lon Cordot, who published only a few stories and may well have been a pseudonym or house-name, too. I don't know who did the cover, but it's pretty eye-catching.


Anonymous said...

I think that cover might be by J. W. Scott. The loose brushwork, the lean, lanky figures and their relatively restrained reactions to the intensity of the situation are consistent with his other Weird Menace covers. Also, of the ten or so Weird Menace issues published by Martin Goodman’s various companies, Scott did the covers to most of them, so it’s a pretty safe bet he did this one too.


James Reasoner said...

Yeah, now that I compare it to some of Scott's other covers, I believe it's probably his work, too. Thanks!