Sunday, January 30, 2022

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Thrilling Adventures, July 1939

THRILLING ADVENTURES may have set the record for the most covers with pith helmets on them. Somebody with more time than I have should look into that. I don't know the artist on this cover, but I like it. Inside is a pretty good lineup of authors led by E. Hoffmann Price with two stories, one under his name and one as by Hamlin Daly. Also on hand are Charles S. Strong (one of the editors at Standard Magazines, as well as a writer), Louis C. Goldsmith, Edward Parrish Ware, little-remembered Crawford Sullivan, and house-name Capt. Kerry McRoberts. I think this issue probably would be worth reading just for the Price stories. He was great at exotic adventure yarns.

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Joe said...

Well, I have to say all three of the stories advertised on the cover would've had me plunking down my dime in 1939!

Have you read any of these yarns?