Sunday, January 09, 2022

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Short Stories, January 10, 1943

A pith helmet, a swastika, a mysterious ring, a guy who looks a little like Robert Mitchum, and a red sun in the background . . . Yep, this is a cover for SHORT STORIES, one of the great adventure pulps. The artist is E. Franklin Wittmack. Authors on hand in this issue are H. Bedford-Jones, William MacLeod Raine, Allan Vaughan Elston, William R. Cox, Philip Ketchum, Fulton T. Grant, and H.S.M. Kemp. Since the dates on pulp magazines were off-sale dates, when newsstand employees would pull them to return, that means this issue was still on the stands 79 years ago today. You'd have to grab it before the next day if you wanted a copy.


Jeff Meyerson said...

Yeah. as soon as I saw it I said Mitchum too.

JasperAK said...

You had me at H. Bedford Jones.

BTW, what's the deal with Short Stories and the Red Sun on most of the covers?

James Reasoner said...

It was just a cover gimmick they used for decades. Started with yellow suns during the Teens, with some orange and red suns mixed in, and was exclusively red suns by the Twenties. They kept the suns on the covers even after the magazine switched to a digest in 1957, but the last handful of issues in '57 and '58 dropped it.