Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Now Available: Outlaw Ranger: Ravagers of the Border - James Reasoner

I have a new book out today from Wolfpack Publishing, the latest Outlaw Ranger novel RAVAGERS OF THE BORDER. Outlaw gangs are robbing banks, rustling cattle, murdering anybody who gets in their way, and generally raising hell on both sides of the border. Roped into the case by a former fellow lawman, G.W. Braddock, the Outlaw Ranger, sets out to discover what's really going on and bring the owlhoots to justice, no matter whether it means risking the wrath of a beautiful senorita or being tossed into a deadly sinkhole or facing the guns of a horde of vicious killers.

Most of you reading this know of my fondness for the fictional Texas Rangers Jim Hatfield and Walt Slade, and the influence of A. Leslie Scott and the other authors who contributed to those great Western pulp series on my work ought to be pretty obvious. I had a great time writing this book and hope that many of you will enjoy it as well. You can read it for free if you have Kindle Unlimited, or get a copy of the e-book for 99 cents, or pick up a handsome trade paperback edition if you prefer print.


JasperAK said...

Trade paperback on the way. I'd rather purchase your books than ignore stupid ads. :) Can the books in this series be read in any order?

James Reasoner said...

The first book is an origin story, but other than that they can be read in any order. I think you could jump right in with this one just fine.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Yeah, my pre-order popped up on my Kindle yesterday. Looking forward to it.