Saturday, May 06, 2017

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Western Outlaws, February 1930

Well, things don't look too good for the hair-trigger hombre in front on this cover by Walter Baumhofer. Of course, you never know what will happen, and I doubt if things will go smoothly for that star packer behind him. A Western reader ought to be pretty pleased with this issue, though, considering that it includes stories by William Colt MacDonald, E.B. Mann, Philip Ketchum, Bennie Gardner, Clee Woods, and Lawrence A. Keating, among others.


Anonymous said...

"A Magazine of Hair Trigger Hombres"
Aw man, that's just grand. I like how it kind of implies the presence of other magazines devoted to said hombres.
I was going over a well stocked newsstand last week and I don't believe there was a single magazine there that had any Hair Trigger Hombre content.
And I think that's a shame.

John Hocking

James Reasoner said...

I've always wanted to be a Hair Trigger Hombre. I think the breed is extinct, though.