Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: North-West Romances, Summer 1946

I like the George Gross cover on this issue of NORTH-WEST ROMANCES. Inside are stories by Dan Cushman, one of the stars of the Fiction House line, Tom O'Neill, who wrote some other stories I liked, long-time Western pulpster and paperbacker Lee Floren, the prolific house-name John Starr, and a couple of authors I'm not familiar with, Curtis Bishop and Stuart Friedman. Just another day in Canada, obviously.


Walker Martin said...

What a great cover. Usually it's the hero coming to the rescue of the girl but here it's the girl rescuing the hero.

Anonymous said...

Curtis Bishop, under pseudonym of Curt Brandon, wrote a novel in 1952 by the title of Bugle's Wake. In 1955 Earl Bellamy directed a movie starring George Montgomery based on that novel. The title of the movie is Seminole Uprising.