Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Argosy, October 17, 1936

Like yesterday's STAR WESTERN, this is another pulp featuring a Robert E. Howard story that was published in the months after his death, in this case "Gents on the Lynch", a Pike Bearfield story. This issue has an all-star lineup, because in addition to REH there are also stories by H. Bedford-Jones, Donald Barr Chidsey (one of the excellent Fisher/Savoy series), Allan Vaughn Elston, Eustace L. Adams, and L. Ron Hubbard. The fine cover is by Emmett Watson. ARGOSY was at its peak in the mid-Thirties, as far as I'm concerned.


Rick Hall said...

I knew this pulp was a ringer as soon as I saw the date.
I have never seen a copy of this issue of Argosy in all of the boxes of Argosy I have pawed through in years of going to pulp conventions. And 1936 copies of Argosy are relatively common.
But issues of Argosy with an REH story are on the wall rather than in the boxes.

Walker Martin said...

I double checked my run of ARGOSY to make sure I have this issue. I still do and it's in fine condition. What makes this so hard to find is the fact that not only is Robert Howard in it but also L. Ron Hubbard. All we need is ERB also and it would be impossible.451