Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Dime Mystery, May 1940

I'm getting in the mood for some Weird Menace stories, goofy and formulaic though they may be. I don't have this issue of DIME MYSTERY, but I know I'd enjoy it if I did. The cover has just about everything: a red-robed monk with a hypodermic needle, a creepy henchman, a half-naked babe, even a mummy! Inside are stories by Weird Menace stalwarts Russell Grey (Bruno Fischer), Harrison Storm (also Bruno Fischer), and Wyatt Blassingame, plus yarns by Dane Gregory (better known for his Westerns, and whose real name was Ormond Robbins) and mystery author Stewart Sterling, who was really Prentice Winchell. All fine writers. 


Walker Martin said...

I share your love for the weird menace stories even though they were written as formula fiction. I've always read them as outrageous black comedies often peopled by elderly cretins who only want to have some fun. But their idea of *fun* is so crazy and absurd.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy Weird Menace yarns, but find that the stories themselves rarely live up to their deliriously lurid titles.

I guess with titles like 'Girls for Satan's Bird Cage' that' s kind of inevitable.

John Hocking

Kurt said...

Those creeps sure had a thing for hooded red robes back then. I can't tell you how glad I am that I never found a tattered hooded red robe hanging in a dark corner of my grandfather's attic!

James Reasoner said...

Kurt, that's not a bad opening for a modern-day Weird Menace yarn, although I'm not sure it would be possible to write such a thing.