Saturday, June 07, 2014

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: New Western, May 1947

NEW WESTERN was a Popular Publications pulp, so it usually had the familiar yellow and red color scheme on the cover and some familiar names on the table of contents as well. In this issue, for example, are stories by Walt Coburn, Gunnison Steele, and William Heuman, to go along with contributions by Bill Gulick and Thomas Thompson, familiar names themselves although not as much so as the others. I'm sure the quality was pretty high. It always was in Popular pulps.

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Walker Martin said...

The people at Popular had a theory about such colors as red and yellow being more noticeable on the newsstands. They certainly catch the eye. Each title had a color scheme such as DIME WESTERN always having a yellow background and STAR WESTERN always having a red background on the covers.