Sunday, November 10, 2013

Now Available: Trails of the Wild

It's been a long day on the trail. The sun is setting, the campfire is burning, and the storytellers are sitting around waiting to entertain you. TRAILS OF THE WILD features six short stories of the Old West and a brand-new Cash Laramie novella by Wayne D. Dundee.

Tension builds as a Texas Ranger is pinned down by an outlaw's rifle fire and a deadly diamondback crawling over his legs.

Laughs abound when a man fights to maintain his own identity in the shadow of his famous, deceased grandfather Davy Crockett.

Fear strikes while shape-shifting coyotes prowl outside the shack of a sole line rider in secluded ranch territory.

All this and more raise the stakes and turn conventions upside-down. BEAT to a PULP's TRAILS OF THE WILD offers the boldest and most thrilling Western tales from the sharpest wordsmiths of our time.

(My short story "Rattler" is included in this anthology. I'm looking forward to reading the others. TRAILS OF THE WILD is available in both e-book and print editions.)


Rick Robinson said...

I bought it last week, haven't cracked it yet, e-books are hard for me to read.

David Cranmer said...

Also available for print, Richard. My e-mail address is Drop me a line and I'll send you a print.