Sunday, July 08, 2012

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Short Stories, March 25, 1945

This is a great issue of a consistently fine pulp magazine. I read it several years ago. Start off with that striking cover by Lee Brown Coye. Even though it's lacking the usual SHORT STORIES red sun, I really like it. Inside, the lead story is a World War II yarn with a supernatural angle by H. Bedford-Jones, one of my favorites. You also get a sea adventure by Richard Howells Watkins, a mystery novelette by Day Keene, stories by Manly Wade Wellman and Giff Cheshire, part of a serial by William MacLeod Raine, and even a poem by S. Omar Barker. That's just a stellar line-up all the way around.


Walker Martin said...

This is indeed a great cover by the excellent artist, Lee Brown Coye. At this time SHORT STORIES and WEIRD TALES had the same publisher, so the cover may have originally been meant for WEIRD TALES.

SHORT STORIES is a big favorite of mine and I have an extensive run that covers the 20's, 30's, and 40's. It is amazing to me that such a great market for fiction could be so forgotten today.

After all, for three decades SHORT STORIES came out every two weeks, packed with excellent adventure fiction. Not much of a market now for short fiction.

But this magazine is still available for reasonable prices and back issues are not impossible to find.

Lem Nash said...

Gimlet Eye Gun was reprinted in the Sept 1951 Weird Tales with the same Lee Brown Coye cover.