Monday, July 16, 2012

New This Week

Only one print book to report this week, but it looks like a good one. MISSION TO BERLIN by my friend Robert F. Dorr is the story of one bombing mission by a flight of B-17 Fighting Fortresses in February 1945. I'm currently reading Dorr's HELL  HAWKS!, the story of the P-47 squadrons who provided air cover for the D-Day invasion and fought on through France. Great stuff for those interested in military aviation non-fiction. And if you follow this link to order it, you can get a signed copy for an exceptional price, like I did.

As for e-books, I bought the following pulp reprints from Radio Archives: a couple of Spiders by Norvell Page, #7 THE SERPENT OF DESTRUCTION and #8 THE MAD HORDE, Operator 5 #10 THE RED INVADER by Frederick C. Davis, and THE MYSTERIOUS WU FANG #1: THE CASE OF THE SIX COFFINS by Robert J. Hogan.


Oscar Case said...

One of my scout leaders was a B-25 pilot in Europe with around 40 missions in WWII. The sad thing is, he would never talk about it.

pattinase (abbott) said...

One for my husband.