Thursday, July 05, 2012

Now Available: Swamp Fetish - Dan Cushman

The second volume of Armless O'Neil stories by Dan Cushman is now available from Altus Press. This finishes reprinting the entire original series featuring the hardboiled, one-armed adventurer from Chicago. Reading these stories really turned me into a Dan Cushman fan. I have most of his adventure novels now and just need to find the time to read them.

SWAMP FETISH also features an introduction by yours truly, and I appreciate Matt Moring giving me the chance to write it. If you enjoy African adventure yarns, you really need to make the acquaintance of Armless O'Neil in this book and the previous volume, SEEKERS OF THE GLITTERING FETISH.

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Rick Ollerman said...

I echo everything James says hear about Cushman. This book made me a huge Cushman fan and I've picked up a few other titles now, including his autobiography. Really, really good stuff here.