Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Detective Fiction Weekly, September 2, 1939

The first pulp I ever owned was an issue of DETECTIVE FICTION WEEKLY (not this one), so I have a soft spot for that magazine. It published a lot of good fiction in its pages, too. I really liked Judson Philips' series about the Park Avenue Hunt Club. There's a novella featuring the characters in this issue, plus short stories by Hugh B. Cave, Philip Ketchum, William Brandon, and Kendall Foster Crossen. That's an issue well worth reading, I imagine.

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Walker Martin said...

I also like DETECTIVE FICTION WEEKLY. I wrote about the trials and tribulations of collecting the over 900 issues for Steve Lewis' MYSTERY FILE blog. When I look back I wonder how I ever survived the experience.

However, unlike BLACK MASK and DIME DETECTIVE, the two other titles that make up The Big Three, DFW can still be collected without breaking the bank. I'll be leaving for Pulpfest( in a few days and I'm sure I will see many copies in the $10 to $20 price range.