Saturday, July 07, 2012

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Spur Western Novels, February/April 1955

This is a stretch, since it's one of Dell's digest magazines from the Fifties, but that's such a good group of authors I decided to use it. The three novellas featured on the cover are the entire contents of this issue. I've talked about Les Savage Jr. and Dan Cushman on this blog before. Will C. Brown was the pseudonym of Clarence S. Boyles, Jr., who grew up in Cross Plains, Texas, about the same time as Robert E. Howard. He was a popular Western author for a number of years and was probably the most successful author from Cross Plains at one time in his life, before the REH boom of the Sixties and Seventies. This looks like a fine issue indeed, and I wouldn't hesitate to read it if I came across a copy.

Les Savage Jr. expanded his story from this magazine into the full-length novel RETURN TO WARBOW, shown below.


Anonymous said...

Looks like it has some great cover art by Bob Stanley as well.


James Reasoner said...

Yeah, I really like the cover art.

Morgan Holmes said...

Clarence Boyles graduated from Brownwood Academy the same year as Robert E. Howard. He died in 1995. A shame no one interviewed him on REH, pulps, and westerns. I enjoy his fiction. Much of it is set in post oaks territory.

Jonathan G. Jensen said...

James, Nice post, at least one of us is still getting stuff out there! I agree on the Bob Stanley cover very cool indeed. Here is a link to Dave Saunders wonderful site on Stanley and other great pulp guys. I have a bunch of the Zane Grey digests he did work for at Dell/Western Printing of which they had a huge printing plant in my home town of Racine, WI. Wouldn't mind blogging about them some century or other. I like the connection to REH, learn something new everyday. Jonathan