Saturday, January 03, 2015

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Complete Western Book Magazine, May 1935

Umm, I don't know about you, but that cover strikes me as a little . . . creepy. I'm not sure if it's the crazy eyes or the giant nostrils or the fact that those horses look rather carnivorous, but my first impulse would have been to run the other way. Inside, though, you've got stories by the well-regarded Dane Coolidge, the dependable Harry Sinclair Drago, and somebody named Anson Hard, whose real name was W.C. Harding. COMPLETE WESTERN BOOK MAGAZINE was usually a pretty good pulp, but I think I might have left this one at the newsstand.


Patrick Murtha said...

These are reminiscent of Luis Jimenez's infamous "Blue Mustang" statue outside the Denver airport. Different coloration, of course.

Charlie Steel said...

But James, if you left it at the stand, how do you have the picture and the book now?

Sounds to me like you devoured the stories inside anyway. Which was the entire point of the cover?

Charlie Steel

James Reasoner said...

I don't actually have this issue, Charlie. Like most of the scans I use, the cover and contents info came from the Fictionmags Index (, a site in which I could happily get lost for hours, if not days, at a time if I didn't have to eat, sleep, and work. From time to time I do post about pulps I own and have read. I'm going to try to do that more this year.