Saturday, December 13, 2014

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Western Yarns, Summer 1943

Yes, it's another blindfolded horse cover. I'm joking, of course, although for all I know there may be people who collect blindfolded horse covers. It's enough for me that it's a nice action-packed scene, and behind it are stories by T.W. Ford, Archie Joscelyn, Cliff Campbell, and Lee Floren. Not exactly favorites of mine (with the exception of Joscelyn and sometimes Ford), but no slouches, either.


Curt Phillips said...

Really busy cover there, but I like it! Action packed indeed!

Curt Phillips

Anonymous said...

Although the short stories of the pulps were often referred to as "yarns" by both their readers and their authors, I can't recall another pulp with the word "yarn" in the title.

Too bad. Astounding Yarns. Spicy Yarns. Thrilling Wonder Yarns. It has a ring to it.

John Hocking