Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Newspaper Adventure Stories, 2nd Quarter, 1934

Talk about a niche market pulp! I can't imagine that NEWSPAPER ADVENTURE STORIES found many readers, even though two-fisted reporters were popular characters in the detective and general fiction pulps. The only author I recognize in this issue is Jack Woodford. As much as I like that old typewriter, I'm not sure I'd have picked up this one if I'd seen it on the newsstand.


Walker Martin said...

This is a really oddball title, one I don't recall ever seeing for sale. In decent condition this might bring a thousand dollars at auction because it is so rare and strange.

Richard said...

There were Railroad Stories pulps too, I believe.

James Reasoner said...

Yes, RAILROAD STORIES, under several minor variations of that title, was a very long-running pulp. I have a few issues but have never read them. A number of good authors wrote for it, including Leslie Scott, Bennett Foster, and E.S. Dellinger, who was probably the star of the magazine.