Saturday, October 12, 2013

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Best Western, October 1939

It's the return of the "hero, girl, old geezer" cover. Not a particularly good one, in my opinion, but it's one more example of a type of Western pulp cover that shows up with surprising regularity. This issue features stories by Peter Dawson, L.L. Foreman, and Gunnison Steele, among others, so it's probably a pretty good one.


Walker Martin said...

This is just about the poorest cover I've seen of that western trio: the hero, the girl, and the old geezer. Walter Baumhofer was the best artist at showing these three and he did it many times for one of the best western pulps, DIME WESTERN.

In fact, I once bought a cover painting from DIME WESTERN by Baumhofer at a Pulpcon in the 1980's showing the three riding hell for leather. I saw a car drive into the almost empty parking lot of the motel and for some reason I went out and asked the driver/collector if he had any pulp paintings. He had a Baumhofer in his trunk! I later sold it but recently got it back and it's now hanging over my bed. Even my wife likes it and that's saying something for a non-collector.

Cap'n Bob said...

The gunny reminds me of William S. Hart.

James Reasoner said...

There's definitely a resemblance.