Saturday, December 05, 2020

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Western Action, August 1952

A nice colorful, dynamic cover on this issue of WESTERN ACTION. I don't know who the artist is. Most of the issue is taken up by a novel by an author whose name I've seen many times but never read, as far as I recall, Allan K. Echols. Back-up stories are by a couple of prolific but little-known pulpsters, Rex Whitechurch and Ben Smith. So as far as the contents go, who knows, might be good, might not.


Anonymous said...

About Allan K. Echols I read in 20th Western Writers the following sentences: "He writes traditional Westerns set in or around Texas and peopled with various stock characters". And again "It must be noted that although the mainstay of his Westerns are standard and formula plots, his ability to draw idiosyncratic characters makes for good reading."
This novel is plotted like a mistery. The main character, Jim Webster, had to clear his name, find the thieves of gold which was in his charge at the time and get the girl.

James Reasoner said...

Turns out I actually have THE RENEGADE HILLS in one of those Wildside Press Western novel megapacks. Maybe I should read it! (Yeah, I'd totally forgotten that I had it.)