Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: All-Fiction, March 1931

From what little I've read of them, the Dell pulps were pretty darned good. ALL-FICTION appears to have been Dell's answer to ADVENTURE, ARGOSY, SHORT STORIES, etc., a general fiction pulp with all sorts of action and adventure yarns in its pages. This issue's cover is by H.W. Reusswig, and while it's a little politically incorrect, I suppose, it's also bursting with the potential for action. I'm not familiar with the author of the lead story, Carl Ogilvie, but I love the title "Senor McHell". Other well-known authors in this issue include Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson, L.G. Blochman, Eugene Cunningham, and Arthur J. Burks. Not a bad line-up at all.


Sai S said...

Isn't that the cover of one of Black Dog Books' reprints? A Bedford-Jones title, if i recall right.

Does this issue have a story by Bedford-Jones, perhaps under an alias?

James Reasoner said...

Good catch, Sai. That's the cover for THE GOLDEN GOSHAWK, which I read several years ago. That explains why it was vaguely familiar to me, even though I didn't recall where I'd seen it before. I don't think any of the stories in this issue are by Bedford-Jones. Most of the authors are fairly well-known, and the ones I'm not familiar with seem to be unlikely candidates for an HB-J pseudonym. But hey, I didn't know until recently that he wrote as "Rodney Blake", so I can't guarantee anything.

Rick Robinson said...

I don't see anything non-pc there. Yes, this cover painting was used for the Black Dog Books cover to THE GOLDEN GOSHAWK story collection by Bedford-Jones, which I bought after reading your review of it, James.

James Reasoner said...

I was thinking about the "yellow peril" angle, but it's not real prominent.

I should have known why that cover was familiar. I wish I could remember what I post on my own blasted blog.