Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Western Short Stories, September 1937

This issue leads off with a story by "Rodney Blake", who as I discovered recently was really my old favorite, H. Bedford-Jones. I've never read any of his stories as by Blake and I don't have this issue so I can't read this one, but it caught my interest when looking for covers. And this issue has a decent one by J.W. Scott. No other big names in the line-up of authors unless you count Carmony Gove, Ken Jason, and Rex Evans, who were fairly prolific in the Western pulps, although pretty much forgotten these days, even among pulp fans.

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Walker Martin said...

I've been thinking about this cover by J.W. Scott. He often used the same two characters for his hero and the girl. The first cover painting I ever bought in 1970 was by Scott(Complete Detective, 1939) and had the same two faces on it as on this cover.