Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Publishing Company Open for Submissions

Welcome to PRAIRIE ROSE PUBLICATIONS, a new publishing company for WOMEN AUTHORS ONLY!

We are now accepting HISTORICAL WESTERN and HISTORICAL WESTERN ROMANCE submissions of all lengths. Do you have a manuscript to submit? We'd love to take a look!

For more information, please contact Livia J. Washburn or Cheryl Pierson at our          PRAIRIE ROSE PUBLICATIONS website!   http://prairierosepublications.yolasite.com/

Livia:     livia@flash.net
Cheryl:   fabkat_edit@yahoo.com
On November 1, 2013, our debut anthology, WISHING FOR A COWBOY, will be released in both digital and print formats. We have a great lineup of heartwarming Christmas stories by some wonderful authors for you in this collection.

What do these stories have in common besides romance, the old west, and Christmas? A wonderful Christmas dish of some kind, complete with recipes in the back  of the book! Each story features a particular food that you'll be able to make for your own Christmas dinner with the delicious recipes our heroines use to cook up pies, cookies, springerle and other holiday treats for their sweethearts. Mark your calendar for November 1!


Peter Brandvold said...

What--wimmen ONLY?!


Rick Robinson said...

I wonder what the reaction would be if someone tried to start up a men only company? How long would it be before angry women were up in arms at the sexist gender-exclusive outrage? Also by the way, how on earth would you know if Josephine Author wasn't really Joe Author using a pseudonym?

James Reasoner said...

For all practical purposes, you probably wouldn't know if a male author was behind a female pseudonym, but that's been going on (and vice versa) for a long time.

Peter Brandvold said...

Call me Petra Brandywine.

Walker Martin said...

I've noticed over the past year or so, that my local Barnes & Noble has been pushing something that looks like the cowboy romance novel. Obviously slanted toward women, the covers show a big muscle bound, handsome cowboy in a clinch with a woman.

I'll stick with Luke Short, Walt Coburn and early Elmore Leonard.

Cap'n Bob said...

Yes, the romance/western seems like a lucrative genre, but include me out. I wish you guys like with this venture, tho.

Cap'n Bob said...

and "luck," too.