Monday, April 22, 2013

Writing Update, 4/22

My page production has been up and down the past few days, but when I planned out this book, I figured I'd have 120 pages done by now. Today was supposed to be a day off. But with my pages lagging behind where they needed to be, I worked today after all. And by the time I knocked off for the day, I had 115 pages done on the book. So I'm 5 pages off the pace I figured out, which doesn't really amount to much. Made me feel a little better about things.

Also got an email from my editor today asking me about a pretty big project for 2015. I said sure, count me in. I like having work lined up two years down the road. Hope to get more details about the deal tomorrow. However, it's not anything I'll be able to talk about.

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Shay said...

It looks like a worthwhile investment, but who was responsible for that lame cover art?