Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday's Overlooked TV: The Sentinel

This series about a police detective with hypersensitive senses (like Daredevil, only he's not blind, I imagine somebody said in a pitch meeting) ran for four seasons back in the Nineties on one of the smaller networks (UPN?), so it was fairly successful at the time but seems to be mostly forgotten since. As I recall, we watched most, if not all, of the episodes and enjoyed it fairly well. The character had been lost in the Amazon jungle for several years and gained his mysterious abilities there. Except for that gimmick, though, it was a pretty standard cop show. Richard Burgi, who has gone on to have a productive career playing villainous businessmen, sleazy lawyers, etc., is the stalwart hero in this one and does a fine job. The series was created by Danny Bilson and Paul De Meo, who have worked on a lot of genre TV and movies, most of them pretty good. Bilson is also the father of actress Rachel Bilson, currently on HART OF DIXIE and quite possibly the downright cutest woman on television.


Todd Mason said...

It was indeed one of the more durable UPN series...the promo tag line, "He uses all his five senses as weapons!" always handed me a bad laugh--look out, he's gonna sniff you!

Jerry House said...

My wife loved that series. Now, whenever she sees Burgi on television, she says, "Come watch. It's THE SENTINEL man."

Hmmm. The captcha word is surviVE.

RJR said...

Also watched that show and enjoyed it. I like Burgi whatever he does, which he'd get a series again. Had a recurring role on Desperate Housewivves, and Las Vegas. Also starred with Cheryl Ladd in a Hawaiian series, I think it was Waikiki One? Two seasons with Ladd as a beautiful M.E.


michael said...

You can find full episodes of The Sentinel on YouTube. Here is a link I hope works to just one of the episodes:


RJR, The series with Cheryl Ladd M.E. is One West Waikiki. There is one episode on YouTube broken into parts. The episode title is Flowers of Evil.


James Reasoner said...

I have absolutely no memory of ONE WEST WAIKIKI. I had to look it up to see which network it was on (CBS). It sounds like something I would have watched. Wonder why I missed it. If they'd bring it out on DVD I might watch it now.

michael said...

One West Waikiki was originally a summer series on CBS that lasted seven episodes (August-September 1994). It was opposite ABC Matlock or My So-Called Life, FOX Martin and Living Single, and NBC Thursday line up of Mad About You and Wings.

September 1995 the series returned but was syndicated. Flowers of Evil was the first episode of the syndicated package.

Beb said...

Ever watch "The Equalizer" -- about a retired spy who used his skills to help little people in trouble?