Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Depression Era Pulp? Well . . .


A few of these books are by pulp authors, and a few may have even first appeared in the pulps, but for the most part, no, this is not pulp fiction. I realize the battle has already been lost for us purists, but I still feel like firing a shot every now and then.

And for goodness' sake . . . Walter Thompkins? Please.

All that said, I like a lot of the Phoenix Press books.


Tom Johnson said...

Thanks, James,
I looked through them. Yeah, I would love to have them for their rarity, but pulp fiction? Perhaps pulp era fiction might be correct, as they were published during the period of pulp fiction. But like you, I'm a purist. Hey, my birthday's coming up, somebody could give me those hardbacks for a present (lol).

Stephen Mertz said...

Actually, the Phoenix Book by Robert Leslie Bellem, Blue Murder, was a reprint of a pulp novella from Private Detective Stories and I suspect this may have been the case with some of those western writers like Tompkins; getting an extra paycheck for work they'd already published in magazines, so...in those cases, yes it was pulp fiction reprinted for the lending library trade.

Rick Robinson said...

I agree with you completely.

How nice that they only allow comments from F-Book, Yahoo, Hotmail and such. Not Google, not Wordpress, the most common platforms. Bah!

Walker Martin said...

Bill Pronzini wrote a funny article about Phoenix in GUN IN CHEEK or SON OF GUN IN CHEEK. They evidently did not pay much at all.