Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Writing Update, 4/16

Well, I finished that book, two days later than I intended. But I liked the way it turned out. Livia was just a few chapters behind me on the editing, so it's ready to send to the editor, which I intend to do momentarily. I finished early enough in the day to get the first chapter done on the next book. So, 30 pages for the day, 19 on the one I finished and 11 on the one I started.

Yep, pretty much insane. Gets a lot of books written, though.


Adventuresfantastic said...

Congratulations on the finish. Are you at liberty to tell us the title of this book and when we can expect to see it?

James Reasoner said...

Nope, afraid not. The book I finished and the one I started are both projects I can't reveal.

Sean McLachlan said...

Congratulations! I'm amazed by your work ethic. I only manage an average of about 2,000 words a day, about half fiction and half nonfiction. The nonfiction takes a lot of research time even so I could never equal your word count.