Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Now Available: The Golden Triangle - C.R. Fausset

It wasn’t turning out to be a good, day for rookie police officer Clifford Drouin. First his truck gets repossessed, and then Patrick, his friend from the police academy, is murdered.

Everyone is quick to say Patrick was killed by a vindictive drug dealer, except Cliff. But as Cliff digs into the case, he learns things aren’t what they seem and Patrick may have gotten in over his head. Soon Cliff is warned off the case, beaten down by drug dealers and left for dead. Everything points to police corruption but Cliff better discover the truth before he finds himself the killer’s next victim.

C.R. Fausset is a friend of mine from Denton, where his debut novel is set. I read it a while back in manuscript and thought it was a top-notch crime novel with a very appealing protagonist. And he does a great job with the setting, as those of you who have spent any time in Denton will discover if you read it. I believe a sequel is on the way, and I'm anxious to read it. In the meantime, check this one out.

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