Sunday, May 13, 2012

More Cowboy Romances (A Saturday Morning Western Pulp Sunday Afternoon Update)

Over on the WesternPulps group, Phil Stephensen-Payne (host of the invaluable Fictionmags Index, the source of most of the scans I use on Saturday mornings) provided the information that there were probably five issues of the pulp COWBOY ROMANCES. Since I already posted one of them, I thought I might as well throw the other three cover scans that are available up here, too. Thanks, Phil!

Some pretty good writers contributed to this magazine. I'm not sure why it failed, unless the newsstands were just too crowded then for everything to be successful, no matter how good it was.

By the way, I love that pseudonym from the final issue: Ryder Sage. I'd never encountered it before. It was used at least twice by somebody named Paul Randall Morrison. That's worse than some of the blatantly phony names that got slapped on the multitude of Adult Western series in the Eighties. In fact, that's exactly what it sounds like to me.


Walker Martin said...

Thanks for this bonus of even more COWBOY ROMANCES. Pulp covers on Saturday AND Sunday. That's a great idea!

Jerry House said...

At first glance I thought Larry Harris was sf writer Laurence Janifer; then I realized he would have been three or four then, so uh-uh.