Friday, March 07, 2008


Those of you who wanted to send books but were waiting until you could send them to us directly can now do so, at this address:

James Reasoner
P.O. Box 931
Azle, TX 76098-0931

If you need to use UPS or FedEx, email me and I'll send you the street address.

And let me add to those of you who have already sent books for us to Kim Lionetti, you don't know how much we appreciate your kindness. Thank you so much. And thanks to Kim as well, for her efforts on our behalf.


Warren Harris said...


It occurs to me that there might be certain books that you would want more than others: replacements for the books that you've written, or books you need for research.

I'd like to see a list of such books so I can keep an eye out for them for you. It would also help to keep people from sending you duplicates of books you've already received.

I know you can't publish a full bibliography, but a list of books you need for "research", wink, wink, would at least let us know what we should be looking out for.

I've got a reading copy of "Riders of the Monte" for example, and I have several mint books of yours that you sent me a few years back, "The Hunted" and "Under Outlaw Flags" and some of the "Abilene" series and the Judge Earl Stark series. It would be a sacrifice, but if you need any of these, I'll send them back your way.

As much as I like having these in my collection, it seems a shame if the author of these books doesn't have a copy.

But you notice I'm not offering to give up my reprint edition of "Texas Wind." Maybe when I find that first edition that I've been looking for at all the library book sales.

Oh, and any time you want to rejoin P.E.A.P.S., you'd be more than welcome. I was disappointed to find out you'd withdrawn, although I understand that your paid writing has to take priority.

James Reasoner said...

Within the next few weeks I should have a pretty good idea which of my own books I still need and will post a list of them.

I fully intend to rejoin P.E.A.P.S. eventually. It's a great apa.

Jeff Rutherford said...


You may think it's tacky. But have you considered creating an Amazon Wish List? I sent books to your agent, and I fully intend to send you more books, but it'd help to see an Amazon Wish List vs. guessing and maybe sending you duplicates of something you already have.


James Reasoner said...


That's an excellent idea, and we'll start working on it. Thanks!