Saturday, September 03, 2022

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Mammoth Western, October 1950

Robert Gibson Jones is probably best known for his covers on the Ziff-Davis pulp FANTASTIC ADVENTURES, but he did quite a few covers for Z-D's MAMMOTH WESTERN, as well, including this one which I like quite a bit. I'll always be fond of gun-totin' redheads, and this one is in an intriguing situation. "Robert Eggert Lee", author of the lead story "This Grave for Hire" (a nice title) was actually Ziff-Davis stalwart Paul W. Fairman. Also on hand in this issue are John Reese. writing as John Jo Carpenter, John Prescott, and Peter Germano writing as Barry Cord. Those are the Western writers of note in this issue, although there's also a story (and I'm sure a good one) by William P. McGivern, and yarns by the likes of Frances M. Deegan, Karl Kasky, and Larry Becker.   

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Glen Davis said...

I always enjoy Barry Cord's work when I read them in Ace Doubles.