Sunday, September 11, 2022

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Adventure, September 1946

Under the editorship of Kenneth S. White, ADVENTURE was still a good pulp in the late Forties. In this issue, that starts with a cover by Peter Stevens that I really like, illustrating an oil field story by Thomson Burtis. Also on hand in this issue are William Campbell Gault, Jim Kjelgaard, Joe Archibald, Wilbur S. Peacock, Hal G. Evarts, and Bill Adams, among others. This issue is available on-line here, and I'm intrigued enough that I'll probably read the Burtis story, if nothing else, because of my fondness for oil field yarns. 

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Todd Mason said...

Well, now I have to Go Look at the McGivern story...Kjelgaard, whose BIG RED was in every classroom and school library I came across as a child, was a good friend of Robert Bloch's, as it turns out, showing probable good taste on both ends (definitely on Kjelgaard's). Kjelgaard and McGivern (and both the latter's children) died young...some families have that kind of luck. McGivern and his daughter within days of each other, of cancer. One has to wonder what was under one of their houses over the years. Well, that's enough grimness for a Sunday pulp-cover comment...did you ever read the last issue, suddenly all-fiction turn ADVENTURE eventually took? Suspect that one's posted somewhere, too, and I should look it up.