Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sunday Morning Bonus Pulp: Short Stories, October 25, 1935

Another good-looking issue of SHORT STORIES with a fine Mountie cover by Frank Spradling and stories by the all-star line-up of H. Bedford-Jones, Clarence E. Mulford, Harry Sinclair Drago, L. Patrick Greene, Hapsburg Liebe, S. Omar Barker, and Richard Howells Watkins. SHORT STORIES was always a high quality pulp.


Todd Mason said...

Was Dorothy McIlwraith editing SS already by '35?

James Reasoner said...

No, Harry E. Maule was still the editor at this point. McIlwraith takes over in '37.

Morgan Wallace said...

Hapsburg Liebe is quite an interesting writer. Be interesting to create a bibliographic history on the man's literary output. Pulpflakes made an effort and were able to infer much.