Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Now Available for Pre-Order: Blaze! Red Rock Rampage - Ben Boulden

J.D. and Kate Blaze ride into the settlement of Small Basin, Utah, on the trail of train robbers but soon discover that the town and the surrounding area are ruled by the iron fist of a renegade Mormon patriarch—and he has his eye on two beautiful young women he intends to make unwilling brides. Hired killers, corrupt lawmen, and brutal kidnappers mean a heap of trouble for the Old West's only husband-and-wife gunfighters. Forced to split up, Kate and J.D. have to battle their way back to each other to survive!

The debut novel from acclaimed young author Ben Boulden is a fast-action gem, full of intriguing characters, gritty violence, and vividly realized settings. Get in on today's bestselling original Adult Western series with BLAZE! RED ROCK RAMPAGE.

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