Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Morning Western Pulp: Star Western, April 1934

This is another one from Steve Kennedy's collection, and what a great cover by Emmett Watson! And what a group of authors: Max Brand, with a novella that was reprinted in the collection THE RETURN OF FREE RANGE LANNING, plus the great Harry F. Olmsted, dependable Foster-Harris and Robert Mahaffey, and famously obscure Forrest Rosaire, better known as J.-J. des Ormeaux. That's really an epic struggle on the cover, a clash of titans if you will, quite appropriate for an issue featuring a Max Brand story.

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Walker Martin said...

I'm at the Windy City Pulp Convention now and I've seen quite a few STAR WESTERN pulps in the auction and in the dealer's room. So far I've managed to find 15 of my WESTERN STORY wants which is amazing because I need less than 50.