Saturday, April 14, 2012

Black Dog Books Update and New Releases

Greetings to everyone from Black Dog Books!
After a long and productive winter, BDB has set the lineup for its new releases.

2012 is shaping up to be our most exciting and abundant year to date, with a variety of new titles across several genres. We hope you’ll find something to your liking.

Our first batch of Spring 2012 offerings, as listed below, are now available for purchase.

Take note: Copies of actual books are not yet in hand, but will be shipping to customers by May 1st.
Please check our website,, often. Several major announcements, both in terms of new properties and other affairs, will be made in the coming weeks that will alter the entire BDB line of publications.

BDB goes digital!
Black Dog Books has begun issuing its back catalogue in ebook form. We will be releasing several titles per week over the coming months until all our titles are available in the manner.

Links may be found at the bottom of a titles’ listing page (under the “Add to Cart” button) on the BDB website to the Amazon delivery platform for downloading. If a link is not listed, a title has not yet been converted into ebook form. Be patient and check back often.

BDB Trade Show Appearances
Black Dog Books will be appearing at the Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention in the greater Chicago area, April 27-29 taking place at the
Westin Lombard Yorktown Center, 888-627-9031 <>. If you are in the area, please come by and say hello. Visit <> for more information.

Thank you for your patronage. And remember, please order direct whenever possible. Your direct orders and support do make a significant difference to independent press operations.

Onward and Upward!

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The following Spring 2012 are now available for purchase:

As a follow up to our highly acclaimed Best of Adventure, Volume 1, (2010 Finalist in the IPPY Book of the Year Awards), Black Dog Books is proud to offer:

THE BEST OF ADVENTURE, Vol. 2, 1913-1914 by Doug Ellis (ed.)

Assembled from years three and four of its history, this collection brings together 20 of the best tales that appeared in Adventure, including rarely or never-before reprinted works by Talbot Mundy, Rafael Sabatini, Edgar Wallace, H.D. Couzens, J. Allan Dunn, George Washington Ogden, Stephen Chalmers and others.

These stories, by authors both familiar and forgotten to today's readers, represent historical and modern-set fiction (modern as in circa 1914) in all corners of the globe.

Selected and with an introduction by Doug Ellis.

To learn more, or to purchase your copy,visit our BDB webpage listing for The Best of Adventure, Volume 2, here:


  • The leopard couch of eternal memories . . .
  • The severed hand of a desert sheikh—and its frightful vengeance . . .
  • An old hag damned to misery, until she can acquire a thousand kisses . . .
  • The mysterious black cat that knew too much . . .
  • The vampiric young nobleman who terrorized London . . .
  • A Christmas house party—with Satan himself as a guest?

These and more thrilling adventures by the incomparable Sax Rohmer await the reader in The Leopard Couch and Other Stories of the Fantastic and Supernaturalincluding four stories never previously published in the United States!
With an introduction by F. Paul Wilson, recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Horror Writers of America.

Selected and with editorial notes by Gene Christie.

To learn more, or to purchase your copy, visit our BDB webpage listing for The Leopard Couch, here:

THE THREAT OF THE ROBOT by David H. Keller, MDTravel to nine dystopian tomorrows, where current trends threaten the very existence of mankind.

  • A time when robots threaten to throw millions of workers into unemployment
  • A world where everyone lives 24 hours a day in individual automobiles
  • A program that selectively breeds office workers for maximum efficiency
  • An academic rivalry between two universities that ends in mass murder
  • A city so crowded that people make their homes in never-landing airplanes
  • A more totalitarian society than 1984 and Brave New World

The Threat of the Robot marks the first new collection of works by Keller in over thirty years, and includes many uncollected works.

With an introduction by Gene Christie.

To learn more, or to purchase your copy, visit our BDB webpage listing for The Threat of the Robot, here:

WEB OF THE SUN by T.S. StriblingTwo short novels of scientific adventure!
—What can be the source of the perplexing green splotches?
—Journey to the far reaches of the Andes of South America to uncover the mystery encountered in Web of the Sun by Pulitzer Prize Winner T.S. Stribling.

With an introduction by Richard A. Moore.

To learn more, or to purchase your copy, visit our BDB webpage listing for Web of the Sun, here:

SHOCK TROOPS OF JUSTICE by Robert R. MillIt’s 1935, and crime dominates the headlines. With the backing and resources of the F.B.I., Special Agent James “Duke” Ashby unleashes his Shock Troops of Justice to relentlessly battle crime through 12 machine-gun riddled cases!

With an introduction by PAUL BISHOP, author of the Fay Croaker mystery series and two-time LAPD Detective of the Year.

To learn more, or to purchase your copy, visit our BDB webpage listing for Shock Troops of Justice, here:

EMPIRE OF THE DEVIL by Frederick Nebel
From a master crime-detective fiction writer comes this first collection of tales of exotic adventure. Hunt lost treasure in Borneo; pursue a cursed
gem in India; battle a secret society in the Orient; unravel a mystery at sea; flee from headhunters and more in these 8 thrilling tales. Nearly 300 pages of adventure!

Selected and with an introduction by Tom Roberts.

Also including are—

  • Frederick Nebel: A Brief Biography by Evan Lewis
  • An extensive 30+ page “Bibliography of Works by Frederick Nebel” by Evan Lewis and Tom Roberts, compiled in part from Nebel’s own files!

A must-have title on your summer reading list!
To learn more, or to purchase your copy, visit our BDB webpage listing for Empire of the Devil, here:


Walker Martin said...

Great lineup and since I'll be attending the Windy City Pulp Convention, I hope to buy some of these books at the Black Dog Books table.

The ADVENTURE collection and the Nebel collection look expecially interesting. Tom Roberts is doing some fine work with these important pulp reprints.

James Reasoner said...

Amen, Walker. The ADVENTURE volume, the Nebel, and the Robert S. Mill collection are the ones that really jump out at me as must-haves, but they all look good. I liked all the Tiny David stories by Mill that I've read in BLUE BOOK.

Adventuresfantastic said...

Fantastic News. Thanks for the heads-up.

Duane Spurlock said...

Looks like a great line up from BDB! Not surprising at all.

Graham Powell said...

I picked up the first volume of ADVENTURE at Bouchercon last year and it's extremely entertaining, and not as old-fashioned as I expected. I'll definitely be getting the second.

Anonymous said...

I hopped over to Tom's site as soon as I got the email from him and bought a handful of things, including a couple of the ones you list. I just need to clear space and time to read them when they come!