Saturday, April 25, 2009

The February Doll Murders

Bob Randisi mentioned this book in the comments to the previous post. I thought I remembered the cover, but I had to find a scan of it to be certain. Yep, this is the same book I bought off the paperback rack in Buddie's Grocery Story in 1967. I was thirteen years old. No wonder I never forgot it.


Unknown said...

Alas, they just don't do covers like they used to!

I was thinking this just the other day when I posted an excerpt online ( to promote a large-print paperback coming up 1 July. I haven't seen what the publisher is planning for the cover, but I gave rein to my notion of what should be on it, tagging on at the end of the file a shot from a public-domain movie -- western buffs will recognize it!

Jerry House said...

I think over 90% of the sales of that book were by 13-year old boys! Add the 13-year old boys who wanted to buy it but didn't dare, Avo would have hit the NY Times bestseller list.

AndyDecker said...

Great cover. Compared to that 80% of todays photoshop stuff is just soulless crap.

After reading so much about Avallone I bought a couple of Ed Noons. Strangely I never read his books.

RJR said...

Oh yeah, James. That's the one! Yowzah.


RJR said...

Very similar to some of the Spillane covers his wife Sherry posed for.