Monday, May 26, 2008

A Few Words from Bill Pronzini

Last Friday I posted about DAY OF THE MOON, a novel by Bill Pronzini and Jeffrey Wallmann. Here’s some more information about the book, from Bill himself.

You're right that Flagg was intended to be a series character. The novel was originally sold to Leisure here, but never published because of a change of regime and policy; Wallmann and I were lucky to sell it to Hale in the U.K. And to have Carroll & Graf do a U.S. mass market edition, all thanks to Ed G. (Incidentally, MOON is composed of three novelettes, two from AHMM, one from MSMM, that we bridged together and revised into the novel format. There's one other Flagg novelette from AHMM that we planned to use as the basis for a second novel and that has never been reprinted or collected.)


pattinase (abbott) said...

In case he stops by here again, if Mr. Pronzini would like to recommend his own "forgotten book" some Friday, we'd love to see his choice. I'd be glad to post it on my blog. Sorry for hi-jacking this space for a second.

Todd Mason said...

Patti, Bill Pronzini as well as James are folks to ask for western recommendations, as well.