Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Condemned

If you’ve read this blog for a while, you may remember that I thought THE MARINE, starring John Cena, was a pretty good rassler-turned-action-hero movie. Now we’ve watched THE CONDEMNED, starring Stone Cold Steve Austin (although he’s billed now as just plain Steve Austin, probably a good move on his part), another WWE superstar.

Austin plays Jack Conrad, an American locked up on Death Row in a South American prison. A sleazy millionaire rounds up violent convicts from all over the world, takes them to a remote South Pacific island, and turns them loose so they can run around and kill each other, with freedom going to the sole survivor. Outwit, outlast, outplay, indeed. And of course the millionaire plans to broadcast the whole thing live on the Internet to an audience that will equal the size of the one for the Super Bowl.

With a long-in-the-tooth set-up like that, a movie needs a smart, witty script, some unexpected plot twists, or preferably both to be very good. THE CONDEMNED doesn’t really have either of those things, so I didn’t think it was anywhere near as good as THE MARINE. What it has going for it are Austin’s impressive physical presence, some nice photography, and a decent supporting performance from the dependably offbeat Rick Hoffman. It’s certainly watchable, but you’ll know everything that’s going to happen in the movie long before it gets there.


arllyn said...

hey i really think that Stone Cold Steve Austin has done an amazing job in the movie. though i think it is far more better then John Cena. i really liked his acts in the movie though u cant compare them with his wrestling acts. but i really enjoyed him in the movie and also miss his wrestling. i really like Scott Wiper's direction and also Richard Norton's stunts. i hope even u guys enjoy the movie as much as i do.

BHUSHAN3 said...


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